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The Art of Voicing
SAT 6.9.2018
$987 / yr - 7 LECTURES + BONUSES
*CAN'T MAKE THE LIVE LECTURE? Full online access to the lecture recording and related downloads is granted to all ticket holders.
The Art of Voicing
Goals—At the end of this masterclass, you will be able to:
  • Apply Steve's voicing techniques in the field
  •  Evaluate a piano's voicing issues
  •  Correct common voicing problems
  •  Voice for brilliance & power
  •  Voice for mellowness or softness of tone
  •  Voice for evenness (hard-pressed hammers)
  •  Voice for evenness (soft-pressed hammers)
This live, online, interactive masterclass consists of an initial lecture-demonstration, followed by a hands-on period where Steve works on one of own instruments, evaluating and correcting voicing problems using techniques demonstrated in the first period.
  • *Full online access to the lecture recording and related downloads is granted to all ticket holders.
Steve Brady grew up in Portland, Oregon. After completing his initial training in piano technology under Lynn Hansen at BYU, he passed his RPT exams and began his career as a piano technician in the Phoenix area. He later served as head piano technician at the University of Washington in Seattle from 1978 to 2003. While working at the UW, he completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Theory and Music History in 1982 and later completed course work for a Master of Arts degree in Music History. During his 25 years at the UW, Brady tuned and prepared pianos for nearly 5,000 concerts and recitals, and worked with most of the leading pianists of our time, including Murray Perahia, Alfred Brendel, Andras Schiff, Garrick Ohlsson, Emanuel Ax, Peter Serkin, Richard Goode, Claudio Arrau, Alicia de Larrocha, Andre Watts, Vladimir Feltsman, and Evgeny Kissin. He has also been the official piano technician for the Governor’s Mansion in the state of Washington since 1989. Most recently, he served as head piano technician for the Aspen Music Festival & School for five summers, from 2009 to 2013.

   A longtime member of the Piano Technicians Guild, he has served as president of both the Phoenix and Seattle chapters, as president of the Pacific Northwest Conference, as charter Regional Vice President of the Pacific Northwest Region (1989-92), as a member of the Institute Committee from 1993-95, and Institute Director in 1994. From 1995 through 2000 he served as Editor of the international monthly Piano Technicians Journal. 

   In June of 1999, PTG published his book, A Piano Technician’s Guide to Field Repairs. The 2nd edition of this book appeared in January of 2008. In 1996 he received the PTG “Member of Note” award. Brady has trained a number of piano technicians over the past 30 years, and 20 of his students have received the RPT credential. He has published portions of his Master’s thesis, on Brahms’s pianos and piano music, in three different publications: the American Brahms Society Newsletter, the book, Brahms and His World (Princeton University Press, Walter Frisch, editor), and the July, 2000 issue of the Piano Technicians Journal. He has also published articles in Piano & Keyboard magazine and served on the editorial board of that publication. His new book, Under the Lid: The Art & Craft of the Concert Piano Technician, was published in March of 2008 by Byzantium Books. 

   Steve was inducted into PTG's Hall of Fame in 2012. In 2016, he received his profession's highest honor, the Golden Hammer, awarded at PTG's international convention in Norfolk, Virginia. Steve lives in Seattle with his wife, the concert pianist Judith Cohen. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, cooking, gardening, hiking, and dancing Argentine tango.
A Stellar Reputation
2016 Recipient of the Piano Techncians Guild's Highest Honor: 
The Golden Hammer Award.
"Stephen H. Brady, RPT, one of the most widely respected piano technicians in the United States..."
 --Larry Fine, The Piano Book (4th ed., p. 77)
"...He shows deep knowledge and understanding of everything from wood and metal materials, their functions and interrelationships, to the musical, acoustical, and psychological understanding necessary to bring artist and instrument together..."
 --Garrick Ohlsson, first and only American to win first prize in the International Frédéric Chopin Piano Competition
From the Introduction to 
Under the Lid, by Steve Brady
Official Head Piano Technician for:

  Meany Hall for the Performing Arts (Seattle, WA 1978-2003)

  The Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival in Seattle (1979-1992)

  The President's Piano Recital Series (Seattle, WA 1980-2003)

  The Governor's Mansion (Olympia, WA, Since 1990)

  International Music Festival of Seattle (1993-1997)

  Town Hall Seattle (2000-2005)

  Sitka Summer Music Festival ( Sitka, Alaska, 2001-2012)

  Aspen Music Festival & School (Aspen, Colorado, 2009-2013)


Leif Ove Andsnes * Claudio Arrau * Dickran Atamian * Emanuel Ax * Edward Auer * David Bar-Illan * Inon Barnatan * Leon Bates * Marouan Benabdallah * Boris Beresovsky * Stephen Beus * Phillippe Bianconi * Alfred Brendel * Yefim Bronfman * John Browning * Dave Brubeck * Shura Cherkassky * Gabriel Chodos * Aldo Ciccolini * Judith Cohen * Jean-Phillipe Collard * Naida Cole * Michel Dalberto * Bella Davidovich * Alicia DeLarrocha * Misha Dichter * Simone Dinnerstei * Peter Donohoe * Barry Douglas * Akira Eguchi * Bill Evans * Vladimir Feltsman * Ingrid Fliter * Rudolph Firkusny * Peter Frankl * David Golub * Richard Goode * Horacio Gutierrez * Marc-Andre Hamelin * Wu Han * Endre Hegedus * Angela Hewitt * Ford Hill * Ian Hobson * Randolph Hokanson * Lorin Hollander * Stephen Hough * Leslie Howard * Eugene Istomin * Keith Jarrett * Jeffrey Kahane * Joseph Kalichstein * Lillian Kallir * Yoheved Kaplinsky * Freddy Kempf * Evgeny Kissin * Anton Kuerti * Lang Lang * Ruth Laredo * Max Levinson * Liberace * Cecile Licad * Constantin Lifschitz * Lee Luvisi * Peter Mack * Juliana Markova * Robin McCabe * Anne-Marie McDermott * Patricia Michaelian * Ivan Moravec * Jon Nakamatsu * Anton Nel * David Owen Norris * John O'Conor * Neal O'Doan * Garrick Ohlsson * Ursula Oppens * Christopher O'Riley * Steven Osborne * Alexander Paley * Jon Kimura Parker * Simone Pedroni * Jean-Claude Pennetier * Murray Perahia * Antoinette Perry * John Perry * Michel Petrucciani * Daniel Pollack * Menachem Pressler * Fazil Say * Alicia Schacter * Ann Schein * Andras Schiff * Andre-Michel Schub * Gerard Schwarz * Peter Serkin * Orli Shaham * Jonathan Shames * Stephanie Leon Shames * George Shearing * Craig Sheppard * Bela Siki * Ruth Slenczenska * Rita Sloan * Jeffrey Swann * Robert Spano * Alexei Sultanov * Jean-Yves Thibaudet * James Tocco * Dubravka Tomsic * Andrew von Oeyen * Ilana Vered * Yuja Wang * Andre Watts * Roger Williams * Joyce Yang * Christian Zacharias

The Art of Voicing
SAT 6.9.2018
$987 / yr - 7 LECTURES + BONUSES
*CAN'T MAKE THE LIVE LECTURE? Full online access to the lecture recording and related downloads is granted to all ticket holders.
How to Listen to A Piano
Grand Action: A Balancing Act
Under the Bridge
How to Make a Piano Sing
The Art of Voicing
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$987 / yr - 7 LECTURES + BONUSES
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We asked for feedback on our previous masterclasses and the response has been great!...
"[The instructor] is very good at this level of voicing. His experience at both Steinway and Mason & Hamlin far exceeds many of our experiences."
--Ron Moore: 
Moore's Piano Service, 
Fort Wayne, IN. 

Graduate of the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology. 
"[The instructor] is very competent in the field of voicing and does a fantastic job of transferring his knowledge to the participants of his lecture. I was very enlightened and entertained and appreciate his willingness to impart his knowledge with others."
--Jordan Porter: 
Fine Tuning, 
Boise, ID. 

Graduate with Highest Honors of the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology.
"While I already have a grounding in these areas of work, hearing another viewpoint gave me a new perspective on how to approach this subject. You should never stop learning, and this lecture substantially broadened my knowledge and understanding of piano tone control. Excellent work!"

--Julian Dendy
UK Piano Technician
Newark, Nottingham, United Kingdom
"[The instructor] knows what he is doing and is not afraid to share it. Very thankful for that as a technician that is new to this business"

--Wayne Knox
Wayne's Piano Service
Belton, TX
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Kirsi Lassi
Kirsi Lassi: Finnish Piano Technician. Student of the Bechstein factory in Berlin and the Yamaha Piano Technical Academy in Japan. 
Would you recommend this lecture? If so, why?...
"Yes, clarifies some things people (including myself) think they are experts in, but are not."
"Yes, lots of good information not normally available in my circles"
"Yes, to push understanding of what we are doing as techs."
"Very educational for all techs."
"[The instructor] made the math easy to understand, and explained how the numbers actually make the touch feel—bringing theory to practice."
"[The instructor] is a consummate professional and presents his material with attention to detail." 

--Mark Campbell
Campbell Piano Shop
Calhan, CO

What are the Piano Technicians Masterclasses?
If you are a piano technician who's obsessed with quality. If you're constantly looking for ways to improve. If you just can't get to every guild meeting or every piano industry convention, but you're determined to learn advanced skills and offer the highest quality of service to your clients. If you are leaving money on the table because you want to offer more to your clients but not before you know exactly how to do things right. If you want your clients to love you and to feel that you are offering them the very best...
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The Piano Technicians Masterclasses are a new series of advanced, high quality, in-depth, interactive training seminars offered to the discerning piano technician. Each unique lecture is hosted by a recognized expert in the piano industry, who is not only experienced in practice but who is also a dynamic and successful educator.
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Our mission is to offer access to each new, innovative lecture, to qualified technicians regardless of their location on the globe. Lecture participants have the opportunity to form globe spanning relationships with other technicians who care about advancing the piano Industry. 
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"This is a great way to further your education"
"This class does indeed have value for me and was well done. I look forward to the next one." 

--Wayne Knox
Wayne's Piano Service
Belton, TX
"This was a great class on a great platform. Far better than having to travel and lose a weeks worth of work and sit in a cold hotel room for 2 hours." 

--Ron Moore
Moore's Piano Service
Fort Wayne, IN

high quality
Dynamic instructors
Obessed With Quality
Determined to Learn Advanced Skills
Clients Love You
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