Come uncover more secrets to the magic behind pianos. 

The highlight video from PTM 2018

  • 7 lessons from 2018

    Learn about voicing, piano design, action balancing and more

  • 6 lessons from 2019

    Learn about concert prep, tuning, action balancing and more. 

  • 11 lessons from 2020

    Including 9 convention lectures plus 2 individual masterclasses. 

  • 7 lessons from 2021

    Includes our March convention content featuring special European lecturers in period pianos and avant garde design.

  • Piano Technicians Radio Hour

    Our free online chatshow on Zoom every Saturday. All episodes are also recorded and available for people to watch online when they want. 

PTM 2021 Episodes

March Forward

Gain recorded access to this only 3-Day Online Piano Technicians Convention with leading piano industry pros throughout the world.

1. Paul McNulty, Caring For The Fortepiano



Provides information useful to technicians faced with a fortepiano.

4. Alex Kerstan, The Sources of Sound & Touch - Since Mozart Until Today

What do we learn from the past and how can we make the piano fit for the future?


7. David Klavins, The Evolution of Klavins Pianos


Swift solutions for known issues in concert grand preparation.

2. Nick Gravagne, The Secret to Understanding All Hammer Voicing

Theoretically and practially, what actually happens when a hammer strikes a string? And what does information suggest to us when we needle hammers?

5. Rick Baldassin, On Pitch



The relationships of hammer weight to inertia and voicing, touch and tone.

8. Eric Johnson, How to Think About Voicing


Tips and techniques for finding the best "voice" for a piano.

3. Fred Sturm, Precision Key Service



Efficient techniques to size and lubricate key bushings and balance holes, including precision ironing and using steam to rejuvenate compressed bushings.

6. Wayne Ferguson, Concert Tech Tips



Protocol to guarantee a highly idealized pure twelfths tuning.

9. David Andersen, The Secrets of Aftertouch: The Keys to Success

How to sell Extended Service work, and specific service work to always cover.

PTM 2020 Convention & More

Stay Sharp Beyond 2020

Gain recorded access to this First Ever 3-day Online Piano Industry Convention and individual lectures with leading Piano Industry Pros throughout the world. 

1. Alex Kerstan,

Voicing & Concert Prep


Touch and tone tailored to each unique pianist.

4. Debbie Cyr,

Grand Rebuilding Tear Down

Procedure for disassembling the piano before beginning a rebuild.

7. Sally Phillips,

Tips and Details for Concert Level Service


Swift solutions for known issues in concert grand preparation.


10. Del Fandrich, Refurbishing Soundboards with Epoxy

An innovative and cost effective approach to resurrecting dead sound boards.

2. Isaac Sadigursky,

Tool Tactics

Packing specialty tools/parts/supplies for unique field and shop repairs.

5. David Stanwood,

Core Concept of Touch and Tone

The relationships of hammer weight to inertia and voicing, touch and tone.

8. Steve Brady,

Dampers from the Ground Up


Replacing damper felts and installing and regulating dampers.

11. Jude Reveley, Turbo-Charging a Grand Action

Turbo-charging a grand action with an emphasis on, and explanation of, balance weight as a defining target

3. Arlan Harris,

Increasing Speed & Income

Techniques for efficient full-day grand or vertical spiff ups.

6. David Andersen,

Tuning the Pure 12ths Temperament

Protocol to guarantee a highly idealized pure twelfths tuning.

9. Bill Monroe,

Every Piano: Selling extended service work to our clients

How to sell Extended Service work, and specific service work to always cover.

PTM 2019 Episodes

Following on from our successful first year. 

1. David Andersen, Tuning

Tuning concert

4. Del Fandrich, Piano Design

How to design a piano 


2. Steve Brady, Tools


Tooling up.

5. David Stanwood, Action Balancing

Hammer weight balancing


3. Sally Phillips, Concert Prep

Efficient concert prep

6. Mario Igrec, CAUT class

Surviving and Thriving as a College and University Tech.

PTM 2018 Episodes

Our first year's lectures. 

Find your golden tone through this year's magic of treasures. 

1. Boaz Kirschenbaum, Voicing

How to listen to a piano 

4. David Andersen, Concert Prep

How to make a piano sing

7. David Stanwood, Touchweight

Stanwood SNAP!™

2. Mario Igrec, Action Balancing

Grand Action - A balancing act 

5. Steve Brady, Voicing


The art of voicing

3. Dale Erwin/ Ken Eschete, Soundboards

Under the Bridge: Matching the Rib Scale and the Down-Bearing

6. Del Fandrich, Piano Design

Soundboard design - past, present and future

What previous live lecture participants are saying

For each previous lecture we've conducted a thorough surveys afterwards. Here's what we learned when we asked "How much could one lecture's content increase your income in the next 12 months?"

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  • Double, triple, 10X or 100X your investment.

You decide.



1. Enjoy a suite of resources.


This lecture is not meant to replace any existing content, recording or conference presentation. A true craftsperson will seek education in multiple formats wherever they can. This is a completely unique, all-new way of learning with special features added to make it an undeniable value.



2. Sit and watch comfortably.

Avoid the frustration of sitting at the back of the room or crowding to the front as is typical in conference presentations, especially the good ones.

Every participant and viewer has the exact same, up-close, loud-and-clear access to this engaging lecture.



3. Make valuable new professional connections and friends throughout the world. 


When you participate in this lecture and join the group of technicians who will treasure the recording you'll begin to build relationships with and recognize a whole new set of techs worldwide that are friendly, helpful and serious about learning. Although it's not the same as grabbing lunch at the convention, the barriers of space and time are broken down and professional relationships become a whole new experience.



4. The value is clear. 


If you are attending a national convention you might end up spending hundreds per class, even if you can fit in 15 or more lectures. Because, when you do the math, you can spend as much as $3,000 on travel, lodging, registration, rental cars, etc. And you're likely to miss out on several hundreds or thousands of dollars in missed work opportunities too.


Do not attempt a comparison. This experience is a world apart from what you'll find at a convention or in a book or traditional recording.

What our customers say:

Read a collection of reviews we have for various lectures

"[The instructor] is very good at this level of voicing. His experience at both Steinway and Mason & Hamlin far exceeds many of our experiences."

--Ron Moore: 

Moore's Piano Service, 

Fort Wayne, IN. 

"[The instructor] is very competent in the field of voicing and does a fantastic job of transferring his knowledge to the participants of his lecture. I was very enlightened and entertained and appreciate his willingness to impart his knowledge with others."

Jordan Turner

Fine Tuning, 

Boise, ID. 

"While I already have a grounding in these areas of work, hearing another viewpoint gave me a new perspective on how to approach this subject. You should never stop learning, and this lecture substantially broadened my knowledge and understanding of piano tone control. Excellent work!"

--Julian Dendy

UK Piano Technician

Newark, Nottingham, United Kingdom

"[The instructor] knows what he is doing and is not afraid to share it. Very thankful for that as a technician that is new to this business"

Wayne Knox

Wayne's Piano Service

Belton, TX