Piano Technicians Masterclasses

Eathan Janney (right) talks with piano designer, Del Fandrich (left) before a masterclass from his home workshop in Olympia, Washington.

PTM Founder

CEO Eathan Janney

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Members of the team

Project Manager, Sales & Finances

Tal Zakuta

Tal, based in London, UK primarily leads the globally distributed team as project manager, while also helping with sales and financial management.


In his free time Tal likes to play football (a.k.a. soccer in the US), travel and reading books.

Web Design, Sales and Budgeting

Mikolaj Staniul

Mikolaj, based in Gdynia, Poland, develops and maintains the website and course site. He assists with sales and budgeting.


When not working, Mikolaj is a keen fan of sailing.

Web Design and Sales

Ian Thomason

Ian, based in Oxford, UK is primarily focusing on development and maintenance of the website and course site. He assists with sales and marketing.


Outside of work, Ian likes to travel and learn languages. 

Admin, Marketing and Customer Services

Pooja Gawade

Pooja, based in Mumbai, India takes care of administrative tasks and assists with customer support marketing.


In her spare time, Pooja is either working on her book, reading a classic or writing songs

Production Assistant, Podcast Editor

Daniel DiMaggio


Daniel has been assisting with Piano Tech Radio Hour since its inception. He's a Piano Technician with Floating Piano Factory. He is very passionate about his music, composing music and playing several instruments in his free time alongside studying traditional British folk music. 

Production Assistant, Podcast Editor


Sarah launched her career as a Piano Tech with a bang joining the team producing Piano Tech Radio Hour and the team of techs at Floating Piano Factory concurrently. She is an up-and-coming jazz saxophonist in New York City and is a recent graduate of the Jackie McLean Institute of Jazz within the University of Hartford. She also plays soprano sax and flute, and practices piano and drums in her spare time.

Production Assistant, Podcast Editor

Patrick Carr

Patric is also a founding assistant on Piano Tech Radio Hour. He's started his carrer as a piano tech at Berkelee  one of the FPF Podcast Editing and Production Assistants. He is very passionate with his Pianos being a piano teacher, piano professional player and now a piano technician. Aside from his Pianos, he is a fan of skateboarding around NYC.


6 Members

Our Previous Team

Meet those who have helped get the company successful over the years


Andrew Perry

He helped establish and launch the company, assisting with production, technology, marketing and in true founder's form, pretty much anything that was required.


He left his cushy career which covered training curriculum development for the U.S.Department of State and Project Management in the Health Care industry, to pursue entrepreneurship.


He's currently founding and developing another education startup.