PTM 2021 March Convention

Alex Kerstan

The Sources Of Sound And Touch

Since Mozart Until Today

What do we learn from the past and how can we make the piano fit for the future?

What's in the episode ?

We will start by going back to the year 1700 for a small survey of the development of the piano because you will see that it’s an astonishing one. I call the 19th century the piano century. At the end of the 19th century, the pianoforte lost its premium place and during the 20th century there was a huge decline of new piano compositions and in the 21st century it seems that the variety and the wide possibilities of piano music are coming back to our musical life. Finally, I would like to go into the piano technique before I will introduce some innovations to you.


Alex Kerstan

Betriebsleiter/Klavierbaumeister (Operations Manager/ Piano Builder) at Steingraeber & Söhne. Steingraeber has been producing pianos and grand pianos in the festival city of Bayreuth, Germany since 1852. Around 35 employees of the family company currently create top quality by hand every day. Steingraeber pianos are played by major artists and in the most renowned concert halls and music academies around the world.

A stellar reputation in the piano industry.

“Steingraeber & Söhne is one of the world's best piano brands that has never been heard of (except, of course, by the people who know.)”

—Euro Pianos Naples

“Since 1852, Steingraeber & Söhne have been making innovative hand-crafted pianos of the finest quality, played worldwide by an array of distinguished artists and in the most-renowned concert halls.”


Feedback from this lecture's participants. 


"Alex is always knowledgable, knows his subject in depth and has many interesting facts at hand for us to learn ."

Convention Participant

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"Alex’s enthusiasm for his work with Steingraeber pianos. experiencing the craftsmanship and passion he and others at his factory have for these pianos is exciting. This lecture made me realize how many aspects of piano design affect tone. Especially in high end pianos. Even the smallest details. "

Convention Participant

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"I really enjoyed all the topics but especially the fortepiano, Sreingraeber, and Klavens topics."

Convention Participant

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