PTM 2020 Convention

Arlan Harris 

Tips and Tricks for Increasing
Speed and Income

Arlan shares advice and techniques for efficient full-day grand or vertical spiff up packages.

What's in the episode ?


Learn concepts, techniques, and some advice to increase your speed while maintaining accuracy, resulting in a day that offers your clients great savings when budgets are squeezed. Tips and concepts from the many mentors, colleagues, superiors, factory training and experience during a 45 year career. Presented in a fast pace presentation.



Arlan Harris

Arlan is a piano restorer and a concert piano technician. After working in the Famous Steinway Hall Basement in the 80’s, where many of the world's most demanding artists arrived almost on a daily basis and working as an action specialist as well as tuner/technician, Arlan honed his skills learning from his superiors, colleagues, and top-level pianists. He is the president of Arlan Harris Pianos and Services and Arlan Harris Production.


A stellar reputation in the piano




“It is always a great pleasure to work with Arlan. He excellently prepares the Fazioli concert grands on which I perform in the New York area and is always highly attentive. His presence is reassuring. Thank you, Arlan!”

Angela Hewitt​

Concert and Recording Artist

"Aside from Arlan's experience and knowledge, he is a mensch. He encourages others to take chances and get better. He merges his left and right brains for complete service."

Convention Participant

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Feedback from this lecture's participants. 

"I liked that the instructor was able to freely ramble on about things . It's so important! He was relaxed and conversational. This is good and in the true spirit of guild work and masterclass studies. Keep it up!"

Convention Participant

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"This format has an aspect that is superior to in person instruction, that is that the view and voice are controlled by a camera, not your location in the room! I say this after having attended many tutorials where I got to see an ass and an elbow! The masterclass camera keeps everything in clear view!!"

Convention Participant

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"I especially benefited from hearing Arlan discuss being in the right mindset (paying attention vs concentrating, for example), and also emphasizing taking multiple passes at each regulation step (rough adjust, fine adjust, final fine adjustments)."

Convention Participant

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