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Bill Monroe

Every Piano

How to sell Extended Service work to our clients, and specific service work to always cover.

What's in the episode ?

Every Piano, is a presentation of my approach to selling extended service work, from basic repairs to complete rebuilding. I’ll talk about the philosophy behind selling extended service, I’ll share some templates and worksheets, and we’ll delve into some of the most common areas of service that all pianos will need at some level or another. I’ll also talk about some of the less commonly thought of service needs of pianos, and pitfalls to avoid with some of the work we sell. My goal is to give you the information you need to sell extended service work without worry, which benefits your clients (and you).



Bill Monroe

In 1999, while a graduate student in wildlife ecology, Bill made a career shift to piano technology and never looked back. Bill is an RPT and PTG member, providing high-end, full-service piano care, but has a particular passion for rebuilding. He's trained with Yamaha and Steinway, published numerous articles in the PTG Journal, and currently serves as one of its editors. Bill is the owner/operator of A440-William R. Monroe Piano Services, Inc. in Belleville, WI.

Your Instructor's Clients Are Raving Fans!

"Bill was very responsive and very sensitive to our feelings and sentiments toward the piano. He answered all of our questions and worked with our limited timeline. I highly recommend Bill and would enlist his services in the future. He is a true professional."

Bill's Clients

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"He arrived on time and performed the service. He had to perform a rough tune first because it was so flat then a full tune. This took 75 minutes. It was well worth the cost, piano sounds terrific. He told us that in the future additional work would be required and he followed up with a detail quote for that work. I am reconsidering him for tuning the pianos at church. Highly recommended."

Bill's Clients

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Feedback from this lecture's participants. 

I enjoyed the approach from the mindset of the piano client. There were a lot of things that I could confirm that I was doing right, but I also learned a lot of things that I can improve in this area.

Convention Participant

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I liked the focus on ethics. I appreciate how the broad focus of "providing extended service to our clients" allowed for an equally broad overview of the ground we cover. Sometimes narrow focus is good, but other times (when taking a class for the first time with a teacher) a broad focus increases the chances one will gain a new perspective or discover a weakness, or new tool or technique that was previously overlooked.

Convention Participant

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I struggle with presenting clients with extra work that can be done on their pianos - Bill’s talk was very helpful to me, and I plan to implement some of his ideas starting today.

Convention Participant

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