PTM 2021 March Convention

David Klavins

The Evolution of Klavins Pianos

Covering David's unique brand of pianos with a specific focus on the Una Corda model.

What's in the episode ?

This class will cover David's unique brand of pianos with a specific focus on the Una Corda, a unique small piano design, debuted in 2014. The Una Corda’s sound is defined by its unique one string per note design and its lightweight double-layer soundboard working together to create a sound that is both delicate and resonant.

This unique sound has graced countless recordings worldwide and the piano can now be found at studios and in the homes of private clients across the world, including New York, Paris and Berlin.


David Klavins

David Klavins accomplished his degree of a master piano builder in January 1980, in Stuttgart, Germany, after having founded his first piano company in 1976 in Bonn, Germany. While initially specializing on the rebuilding of old pianos, in the course of his work he was studying the factors that mainly determine the acoustic characteristics of a piano.

A stellar reputation in the piano industry.

“I was very very very pleasantly surprised by his pianos. ”

Nils Frahm - German Musician

“Soaring to new musical heights, a German-born innovator has crafted what is believed to be the world's largest grand piano.”

Global Times

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"Thank You, David, Fascinating development!"

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"Incredible work. Thanks, David!"

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"Thanks, David! Very Fascinating instruments"

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