PTM 2020 Convention

Debbie Cyr 

Grand Rebuilding Tear Down​

Debbie shares a step by step procedure for disassembling the piano before starting the rebuilding process.

What's in the episode ?

Before you take everything apart make sure you are organized so you can remember how to put everything back correctly. There is a teardown sheet for recording measurements and notations for the process of reassembly.

This class is a step by step procedure for disassembling the piano before starting the rebuilding process. We will discuss a variety of ways to organize measurements, materials & thoughts in the teardown process.



Debbie Cyr

30 Year Veteran, PTG "Member of Note," and "Examiner of the
Year," North Bennet Street Alumna and Current Instructor, Debbie
Cyr is an esteemed educator within the piano industry. She's also a
respected rebuilder who's studied with Yamaha and Steinway and
published articles that serve the community of piano industry pros. Don't miss this rare appearance.

Debbie and and North Bennet Street carry an impeccable reputation.

“I went to [NBSS] for advanced piano technology. I highly recommend this school if you're at all interested in any of the programs they offer. Every aspect of the piano tech program was strong…”

Daniel C.

Redding, CA (via Yelp)

"...Every aspect of the piano tech program (at NBSS) was strong. The instructors were all lifelong piano technicians with decades of expertise, knowledge, and experience..."

NBSS Student Review

Feedback from this lecture's participants. 

"I really enjoyed seeing the whole process of documenting the teardown, and seeing how thorough the notations and measurements are. The presentation was very clear and very informative."

Convention Participant

Shared via Survey

"I appreciated that this presentation wasn't a general overview, but rather a thorough examination of the breakdown process. It's an aspect of piano work that I don't have much experience in, and seeing the complete step-by-step taught me much more than a quick overview would have."

Convention Participant

Shared via Survey

“I really enjoyed the methodical and well-thought out presentation and methodology of this topic.  I felt like a kindergartener in a physics class at some points, but I was still able to glean much from this lecture.”

Convention Participant

—shared via survey

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