PTM 2021 March Convention

Eric Johnson

How To Think About Voicing

Tips and techniques for finding the best "voice" for a piano.

What's in the episode ?

Voicing is often misunderstood as something separate from the rest of the technical parts of a piano such as regulation and tuning. Voicing is not something one adds to a piano. Rather it is something best when brought out. Good voicing is dependent on not only the proper preparation of the parts but also the tonal concept the manufacturer was building into the instrument.​


Eric Johnson

Eric has worked for manufacturers including Kimball, Yamaha and Bosendorfer. Eric was the primary concert US concert technician for Bosendorfer pianos and was director of Yamaha Artist Services. He has trained at the Bosendorfer factory in Vienna, Austria and has visited most of the European piano factories.Eric is an active member of the Piano Technicians Guild and has passed the technical exams giving him the Registered Piano Technician (RPT) designation.

A stellar reputation in the piano industry.

"Eric is exactly what you would hope for in any service provider: He has consistently been responsive to my requests, shows up early or on time and stays in touch for follow up work that was required. He is up-front about his pricing and holds himself to a high standard for the work he provides. The integrity he brings to both the service side and the business side of his work is admirable."

Steve R. - Stamford, CT

“This guy really knows his stuff. Spent over an hour on a Yamaha upright. Offered lots of advice about maintenance. The fact that a key wasn't working a couple of days later might have more to do with children.”


Daniel G. - Weston, CT

Feedback from this lecture's participants. 

"If you're serious about becoming a better piano technician, you should be here! "

Convention Participant

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"Once again, another lecture that showed me the importance of every detail in a piano, in regards to tone. It made me realize a great piano is truly the sum of its parts. "

Convention Participant

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"It was a great variety of classes. Once again, I feel like my world has expanded just a little bit more. That’s the benefit of these online conventions. I’m able to connect with people all over the world, unlike in-person conventions. There is so much knowledge out there and an openness to share. "

Convention Participant

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