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Lecture #1
How To Listen To A Piano
Voicing With Boaz Kirschenbaum
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The video above contains a few short clips from the 2 hour full-length masterclass on voicing presented by Boaz Kirschenbaum in August of 2017 to a live online audience of technicians around the globe. The full-length recording  is availalbe for purchase now on this page.
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What the live lecture participants are saying:

How much could this knowledge increase your income in the next 12 months?
50% of participants surveyed predict earning an extra $500 or more because of this lecture. 

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Lecture #1, Course Description:
How To Listen To A Piano
Voicing With Boaz Kirschenbaum
Boaz Kirschenbaum
About Boaz Kirschenbaum:

Master Class in Voicing with Yamaha Master Technician. Helsinki, Finland, 2016.

Steinway Technician Training Certificate. Steinway & Sons Hamburg, 2006

Concert Technician, Steinway Hall. Steinway & Sons Concert Department, New York City

Steinway & Sons New York Factory Training, New York City, 2003
Diploma in Advanced Piano Technology. North Bennet Street School, Boston, MA, 2003

Registered Piano Technician, Piano Technicians Guild, 2004
Basic Outline for this Master Class:
1. Introduction to voicing: 
What’s actually done and what are the goals. What is a good sound? Power, sustain, attack, color...
Moving the tension in the hammer. Parts of hammer that should be flexible and parts that should support the flexibility

2. How to listen to attack vs power
3. How to listen to dynamics. Deep needling European hammers on shoulders increases dynamic range dramatically.
If new European (Japanese) hammers sound like they’re pretty ok without any needling, you still need to needle for the dynamics
4. Tools
Show variety of voicing tools. 
5. Preparation
Tuning, regulation, filing hammers, mating hammers to strings, string leveling, talk about impedance and matching the sound to what can be achieved with that piano. Create an image of the sound that piano wants and needs, and take into account the pianist’s wishes
6. American hammers and voicing technique vs. European and Japanese hammers and voicing technique
Different approach and different techniques. Explain and show examples 
7. Chemicals and how to use them
8. Deep needling / Cross stitch / chopstick techniques 
9. Upright voicing 

This is not a recording of a full voicing of one piano from bottom to top. Even better, it is an overview of each important step in voicing procedure with time for interaction and questions from the participants as each issue arises in the lecture. Boaz encourages participants to develop their own tastes and sensibilities, to use these techniques to develop their own ear and their own skills with confidence.
Boaz Kirschenbaum has a stellar reputation in the piano industry
“It is my pleasure to know Boaz. Having over 40 years experience and time invested in the restoration business myself, it is important to me that the next generation behind me has the personality, intelligence, passion & drive to satisfy clients. Boaz has all these qualities in spades. I have no doubt his clients will have an an exceptionally positive business relationship while having their heirloom Steinway , Mason & Hamlin, etc., serviced. He is articulate, passionate and cares about each client’s job as if he were taking it home himself.”

Dale Erwin: 
Erwin’s Piano Restoration, Modesto, CA
Stream Anytime $225
Piano Technicians Masterclass Lecture Number One: How to Listen to a Piano with Boaz Kirchenbaum
Understand the tools, techniques, and artistic sensibility needed to transform a piano's character. Gain sneak peek access to professionally produced instructional video clips with high-quality sound from Boaz's upcoming instructional DVD/video training video called the Piano Voicing Handbook. See, up-close, exactly how a seasoned, Steinway-trained, voicing expert produces that concert level piano sound. View the participants' Q & A with the presenter during his presentation. Witness the interactive conversation with other lecture participants during the presentation. Learn to voice pianos more creatively.
This lecture offers you the opportunity to try voicing techniques in the comfort of your own workshop with an expert at your side. To simultaneously see answers to the key questions that allow participants to learn more deeply and more quickly. To gain skills and confidence that can lead to thousands in extra income. 
  • This lecture will literally pay for itself
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Stream Anytime $225
What the live lecture participants are saying:

"Boaz is very good at this level of voicing. His experience at both Steinway and Mason & Hamlin far exceeds many of our experiences."
Ron Moore: 
Moore's Piano Service, 
Fort Wayne, IN. 

Graduate of the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology. 
"Boaz is very competent in the field of voicing and does a fantastic job of transferring his knowledge to the participants of his lecture. I was very enlightened and entertained and appreciate his willingness to impart his knowledge with others."
Jordan Porter: 
Fine Tuning, 
Boise, ID. 

Graduate with Highest Honors of the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology.
"Boaz knows what he is doing and is not afraid to share it. Very thankful for that as a technician that is new to this business"

--Wayne Knox
Wayne's Piano Service
Belton, TX
"While I already have a grounding in these areas of work, hearing another viewpoint gave me a new perspective on how to approach this subject. You should never stop learning, and this lecture substantially broadened my knowledge and understanding of piano tone control. Excellent work!"

--Julian Dendy
UK Piano Technician
Newark, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Stream Anytime $225
What the live lecture participants are saying:

Would you recommend Boaz's lecture? If so, why?
"Oh yes, he's amazing. He's a pro, and a real talent in teaching and has so much experience that he really knows what he's talking about. Also, he can present things very logically and is easy to understand, but still is funny and nice to listen to."
Kirsi Lassi: Finnish Piano Technician. Student of the Bechstein factory in Berlin and the Yamaha Piano Technical Academy in Japan. 
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"This class does indeed have value for me and was well done. I look forward to the next one." 

--Wayne Knox
Wayne's Piano Service
Belton, TX

"This was a great class on a great platform. Far better than having to travel and lose a weeks worth of work and sit in a cold hotel room for 2 hours." 

--Ron Moore
Moore's Piano Service
Fort Wayne, IN

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