PTM 2021 March Convention

Fred Sturm

Precision Key Service​

Efficient techniques to size and lubricate key bushings and balance holes, including precision ironing and using steam to rejuvenate compressed bushings.

What's in the episode ?

The feel and function of the keys is a very important element in both grand and upright actions. Precisely sized bushings and balance holes can make all the difference in the world to both feel and function, and appropriate lubrication helps keep it that way. We’ll look at sizing and ironing bushings, whether they are too tight or too loose, using controlled heat and steam in fast, consistent and ergonomic ways, as part of a comprehensive key service protocol. Efficient procedures mean top quality results at affordable prices.


Fred Sturm

Fred performs regularly and has recorded and released five CDs, with another in process. As a piano technician, he has worked since 1986 for the University of New Mexico on a part time basis, with a private clientele as well. Sturm's training has included the full four weeks of the CF Theodor Steinway Academy, one week of training with Shigeru Kawai, two weeks at the Sauter factory in Spaichingen, Germany, ten or more national PTG conventions, and various other opportunities

A stellar reputation in the piano industry.

“Is the bizz! (Fred's book is) PERFECT book for all students and professionals. Clear effective and musically written - but then again, what else would you expect. It's Fred Sturm after all! What a maestro ”


E R A Barratt

“(His book has an) Interesting study of how jazz composing and arranging has evolved.”

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Feedback from this lecture's participants. 


"Fred has such a fine-tuned approach to high end key work. It’s made me realize the importance of good key bushings and friction. I was so impressed with his process. "

Convention Participant

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"Fred was very thorough & detailed in his presentation giving full info on what he used & where it was available for us to obtain it"

Convention Participant

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"I liked the way the presentations were prepared for this format, with videos and the teacher narrating what is going on. I also like the Q&A. An essential part of every convention is having someone (usually me) ask what seems like a dumb question but everyone learns something anyway.

Convention Participant

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