PTM 2020 Convention

Isaac Sadigursky

Tool Tactics

Isaac shares about packing specialty tools/parts/supplies for unique field and shop repairs.

What's in the episode ?

In this 2 hour class Isaac shows his ideas about packing specialty tools, parts and supplies to do specific, not-so-common field or shop repairs. About 30 plus kits will be discussed and some actual demonstration will be done. Have your notebooks ready, lotsa information will be shared...



Isaac Sadigursky

Isaac has established his business by serving both large accounts and individual customers. Based in LA, he is broadly experienced, serving institutions, musicians, venues, recording studios and private homes. He is a well known piano industry veteran who's committed to helping his fellow tech. He is also known throughout the piano community for his musical ear resulting from his years of classical music conservatory training.


A stellar reputation in the piano industry

"I've know Isaac since 1978, when my parents first purchased a rebuilt Steinway "L"  for me when I was a kid. Isaac has worked on my pianos ever since, including a 90 year old, completely restored "B" I purchased last year. As a professional musician, there isn't any other tech I will use to hep me take care of my piano."

Isaac's Clients

Shared via Yelp Reviews

"A gem of a human being, and a most excellent piano technician.

Isaac came and helped me bring my 1885 Mathushek into tune and begin the road map to recovery.  His love for pianos and music is reflected in his work, and I proudly recommend him to anyone who wants a good experience."

Isaac's Clients

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Feedback from this lecture's participants. 

"Issac is a treasure in the PTG and wider tech community. It's always a pleasure to see him present."

Lecture Participant

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"The speed and content covered. I took a lot of screenshots because I couldn’t write fast enough. Isaac’s tips are unique and valuable."

Lecture Participant

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"I learned a lot, I'm a lifelong learner & am always ready to learn more"

Lecture Participant

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