Check out the full details of the three subscriptions we offer -

Apprentice: Basic access to existing library.

Craftsman: Limited live access and upto date lecture recordings.

Artisan: Access to all new recordings + Live Mastermind sessions.


Or alternatively purchase one lecture 

Apprentice subscription

​Access our entire library from 2017-2020

  • Piano Technology skills 

    Lets you learn and develop mastery in key skills like voicing, aural tuning, regulation and concert prep. 

  • All lectures (pre 2021) instead of one season

    Instead of subscribing to a whole season of 6-8 lectures or paying high ticket costs for individual lectures, you can subscribe monthly to our entire library of content recorded prior to January 2021.

  • $39 Monthly fee

    You can join any time, subscribe for as long as you like at a reasonable $39/mo and cancel any time.

  • Easy access to instructor guidance

    When you need an insight or are just looking to add a new skill, just search your library, tune in and study or practice along with the instructor as long as you have time to.

  • Work at your own pace

    Tune in again whenever you'd like to, and continue your studies. There's no need to rush, worry about taking perfect notes or missing out due to a faulty memory. As long as you're subscribed the content is there to return to.

  • Content on offer

    Click here for a link to our content page

Craftsman Subscription

Stay up to date with 2021 lectures 

  • All the benefits of an apprentice subscription

    Enjoy the full benefits listed above in the previous section

  • Access to 2021 lectures

    Allows you access to every new lecture in 2021 to keep you up to date. 

  • Modern day Technology skills

    Piano Technicians Masterclasses' unique live, online, interactive masterclasses help you learn critical skills that keep you competitive as a Piano Technician in the 21st century.

  • Work from home benefits

    You'll not only get the most up-to-date information from top-level instructors, but you also get to stay in your home, office, workshop or studio.  You save on gas, lodging, and flights associated with the educational opportunities of past decades.


    You'll retain the income-generating time, family time, and free time you might have lost while traveling, all helping you stay refreshed, focused and comfortable in your own familiar environment. 

  • Modern day instructors

    You'll have access to a minimum of 6 stellar instructors in 2020. The current line-up inclused Jude Revely, Del Fandrich, and David Andersen. and a first-ever, live online global conference featuring Carl Lieberman, Ken Eschete, Steve Brady, Arlan Harris, Mario Igrec, and Alan Rothschild and Sam Gilman, techs at the Berklee college of Music.

Artisan Subscription

Join an exclusive pianotech mastermind group 

  • Benefits of the other subscriptions

    Enjoy the resources and benefits described in the previous 2 webpages

  • A Pianotech Mastermind is an intimate group of no more than 15 individuals led by a respected industry expert dedicated to everyone's success and professional growth.

  • Pianotech mastermind group benefits

    • An opportunity to share about and resolve your most pressing issues as a technician such as skill development, client relationships, projects, businesses or more. 
    • A team of trusted and talented advisors interested in your success.
    • Having access to this "group mind" of technicians all over the globe with many powerful perspectives is a chance to move forward faster than ever before.
    • Gain satisfaction from offering your own expertise and providing value to others in the group.

Purchase one lecture

Alternatively, we offer the option for you all to purchase one lecture, or as many as you would like

 Improve your artistry with your selected episode(s) from our library. 

Piano Technicians Radio Hour 

Alongside the membership content we hold weekly sessions on Zoom chat with an experienced piano technician every Saturday. It is free for all to join, a great chance to meet fellow piano technicians and a chance to experience what our lectures are like. 

More details can be found by clicking here.

Benefits of joining our website

6 reasons why we believe you will be making a great investment with us

  • Free access to download related resources

    Valuable documents containing written instructions, and... 

    priceless information that will give you the confidence to implement your new skills.

  • Join an exclusive Facebook group for extended discussion of topics covered 

      How many instructional recordings do you have that come with membership in a private ongoing discussion group? 

    How much faster could you learn and apply these concepts if you had the support of a worldwide community exclusively focused on each lecture topic?


  • Live, interactive participation 

     Solidify your learning. Ask the questions you want and get the answers you need. 

    Then enjoy the video recording as a resource for solidifying these concepts.

  • Access the recordings 

    Watch again and again. Have the freedom to review the video at the moments that are most important to you. 

    Why pay for the same or similar lecture twice when you can drill in essential content that you've already paid for? 

    Be efficient with your investments.

  • View the video recording from any mobile device, at any time 

    Can be used even while you work on a client's piano. How many of your existing DVDs and Books are you able to view from your smart phone? 

    Do you have a photographic, minute-by-minute memory of that last conference presentation? 

  • Enjoy a complete, searchable video transcript

    They come with time stamps, documenting every word. Search for terms and locate when they are discussed in the video. 

    Waste no time finding the information you need when you need it.


Here is a reminder from our homepage of our prices for each subscription


Great value

  • On-demand access to $3151 dollars in content

  • Private discussion group

  • Downloads and resources

  • *

  • *

  • *

  • *




Our most popular

  • On-demand access to $4933 dollars in content 

  • Private discussion group 

  • Downloads and resources

  • Live access to 2021 lectures

  • Access to 2021 recordings

  • Participation in live lectures 

  • *




Exclusive access

  • On-demand access to $6000 dollars in content

  • Private discussion group 

  • Downloads and resources

  • Live access to 2021 lectures

  • Access to 2021 recordings

  • Participation in live lectures

  • Piano Technicians Mastermind group access


Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I change my level of subscription once I start?

What software do I need in order to be able to watch videos?

Am I able to get in touch with the instructors to ask them questions?

At the moment, unless if you are attending a video live, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to ask them questions. Nevertheless, if you send us your email with your query to we will try and ask them as we know that they are keen to hear from you. 

Is there a specific time frame within which I have to complete a course?

Can I join regardless of what country I live in?

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you would like to cancel your subscription, please message and then it will be cancelled within 30 days. 

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