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Lecture #2

Grand Action: A Balancing Act
With Mario Igrec
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In the video above Mario Igrec describes and invites you to his full-length masterclass on action balancing presented in February 2018 to a live online audience of technicians around the globe. The full-length recording—over 2 hours of content, plus additional resources are available for purchase now on this page.
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1. Gain free access to download related resources—valuable documents containing written instructions, and... 

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2. Join an exclusive Facebook group for extended discussion of topics covered. How many instructional recordings do you have that come with membership in a private ongoing discussion group? 

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3. Experience the energy of the live presentation as you watch the video recording. 

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Basic Outline for this Master Class:
This fundamental class explains how the grand action is balanced, covering concepts such as action leverage, hammer "strike weight," downweight, upweight, balance weight and friction. The class explores how these aspects interact, how to measure them in a way that is compatible with the Stanwood and Practical Touch protocols, and why understanding them is useful. Students learn to calculate the balance weight and friction from down and upweight information both mentally and with a formula. Class participants are encouraged to take measurements and to compare measurements on several notes throughout the keyboard.
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1. Enjoy a suite of resources. This lecture is not meant to replace any existing content, recording or conference presentation. A true craftsperson will seek education in multiple formats wherever they can. This is a completely unique, all-new way of learning with special features added to make it an undeniable value.

2. Avoid the frustration of sitting at the back of the room or crowding to the front as is typical in conference presentations, especially good ones. Every participant and viewer has the exact same, up-close, loud-and-clear access to this engaging lecture.

3. Make valuable new professional connections and friends throughout the world. When access this lecture you join the group of technicians who will treasure the recording. You'll begin to build relationships with and recognize a whole new set of techs worldwide that are friendly, helpful and serious about learning. Although it's not the same as grabbing lunch at the convention, the barriers of space and time are broken down and professional relationships become a whole new experience.

 4. The value is clear. If you are attending a national convention you might end up spending hundreds per class, even if you can fit in 15 or more lectures. Because, when you do the math, you can spend as much as $3000 on travel, lodging, registration, rental cars, etc. And you're likely to miss out on several hundreds or thousands of dollars in missed work opportunities too.

Do not attempt a comparison. This experience is a world apart from what you'll find at a convention or in a book or traditional recording.
What live lecture participants are saying:

We conducted a thorough survey after our interactive online masterclass on action balancing with Mario Igrec. Here's what we learned when we asked "How much could this knowledge increase your income in the next 12 months?"
Every participant surveyed agreed that this content can increase their income!

40% of participants surveyed predict earning an extra $500 or more this year because of this lecture. 

Action Balancing is a High Value skill that top-tier clients will spend on. 

10% could add $10,000 or more to their bottom line this year!
Lecture #2, Course Description:
Grand Action: A Balancing Act
With Mario Igrec
Boaz Kirschenbaum
About Mario Igrec:
Mario Igrec, RPT, M. Mus., bridges piano technology and pianism, and provides a unique perspective as a master craftsman and award-winning pianist. Mario is the author of Pianos Inside Out, “the most ambitious book on piano technology ever written” (Piano Technicians Journal), and has created Practical Touch™, a system for advanced action performance analysis and adjustment. He is a frequent instructor at piano technicians’ meetings and conferences.

Mario was born in Zagreb, Croatia. He studied composition with Stanko Horvat and piano performance with Pavica Gvozdic at the University of Zagreb Academy of Music, where he received his Bachelor of Music degree in piano performance and pedagogy in 1984. He continued his studies with Martin Canin at the Stony Brook University, and received his Masters Degree in piano performance in 1986. He received a special prize from Gioventù Musicale d'Italia at the 1982 International Piano Competition “Rina Sala Gallo” in Monza, Italy, and he won the Sunwood Piano Competition in Old Field, New York, in 1985.

Mario’s understanding of piano making and servicing was deepened by his visits to and informal training at the Bösendorfer factories in Vienna and Wiener Neustadt. This is where he experienced the standards of workmanship that he has strived to reach ever since.

As a graduate assistant at Stony Brook University, Mario tuned and regulated the school's pianos, apprenticing with the head piano technician Joe Vitti. In 1987 he became a full-time piano technician at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, where he taught a course in piano design, construction, and the theory of tuning and temperament, and maintained over 120 of the school’s pianos, harpsichords, and celestas. As a concert technician for the LSU Union Theater, First Baptist Church of Baton Rouge, and the Baton Rouge Riverside Centroplex Theater, he worked for many renowned artists, including Philippe Bianconi, Constance Carroll, Richard Goode, Gilbert Kalish, Jon Kimura Parker, Garrick Ohlsson, and Santiago Rodriguez. He rebuilt numerous pianos during this period, including those used in the aforementioned concert venues.

In the 1990s, Mario’s career took a turn toward information technology. He became a Certified Expert for Adobe FrameMaker and a Microsoft Most Valued Professional, and has written on technology, managed long document projects, designed books, and built database applications. In 2000 he co-founded Selltis LLC, a cloud-based, customer-relationship management (CRM) software company, where he was head of development as CTO and software architect until 2014. Mario is the creator of Hyper-relational™ technology for data contextualization.

Today, Mario refines expression in fine pianos, focusing on tone and touch, and studies piano's social history and performance practices. He is Chief Concert Technician at Faust Harrison Pianos in New York.
Mario Igrec has a stellar reputation in the piano industry
"Pianos Inside Out, in its scope, breadth, and depth, is truly astonishing. I know of no other single book in our field that covers so much of piano technology in such detail. If I could have only one book in my piano-technology library, this would have to be it. I know firsthand how much time and work go into the writing and production of a book, and it's hard for me to imagine how many hours you must have invested in this book-really more like an encyclopedia-thus far,"
Stephen Brady, RPT: 
Author, Under the Lid
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  •  You won't miss your family. 
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What live lecture participants are saying:
"Mario is a great teacher and very knowledgable in his field, thanks for sharing Mario!"

--Nathaniel Everett, RPT: 
Osborne & Everett Antique Keyboard Restoration 
Boise, ID

"Excellent and very well done."

--Susan Brown, RPT
Caledonia, NY
"This lecture is simply great! It clarified concepts and theory that I could not have assessed before. It shows practicality on the hammer selection and the key depth which is very important for my career development."

--Nelson Yum
Piano Technician
Hong Kong
Stream Anytime $225
What the live lecture participants are saying:

Would you recommend Mario's lecture? If so, why?
"Yes, clarifies some things people (including myself) think they are experts in, but are not."
"Yes, lots of good information not normally available in my circles"
"Yes, to push understanding of what we are doing as techs."
"Very educational for all techs."
"Mario made the math easy to understand, and explained how the numbers actually make the touch feel—bringing theory to practice."
Kirsi Lassi
Kirsi Lassi: Finnish Piano Technician. Student of the Bechstein factory in Berlin and the Yamaha Piano Technical Academy in Japan. 
"Mario is a consummate professional and presents his material with attention to detail." 

--Mark Campbell
Campbell Piano Shop
Calhan, CO

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