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Sally Phillips 

Tips and Details for

Concert Level Service

Sally presents her swift solutions for known issues in concert grand preparation.

What's in the episode ?

This class will cover some of the solutions for known issues concerning speed, time limits, regulation and voicing, tuning stability, and multiple piano preparation. We will talk about communicating with the pianist and defining and solving their concerns.



Sally Phillips

Over the past 40 years, Sally Phillips has worked in virtually every aspect of the piano industry: service, retail, wholesale, and manufacturing. She has tuned and prepared pianos for recordings and concerts in such venues as Town Hall in NYC, Alice Tully Hall, the Kennedy Center, and for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the BBC Concert Orchestra, and the Vienna Philharmonic. She's a 1976 graduate of North Bennet Street School. She has published articles for Piano Buyer, The American Organist, and the PTG Journal. Sally lives in Columbus, GA dealing in Steinway and other fine pianos as Piano Perfect, LLC.

A stellar reputation in the piano industry

"The thing about Sally is that she is as nice as she is smart and talented when it comes to piano technology. I'd say she is at the very top of her field world-wide, as a concert piano technician, and I would not be exaggerating."


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"Sally has done just about every job in the industry over the years and everybody knows her. For instance, Sally was the head of Bechstein USA for a good number of years."

Rich Galassini

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Feedback from this lecture's participants. 

Sally's whole presentation was great. Lots of great knowledge was shared, and I learned a great deal. Her energy and quick style was a nice compliment to the more measured styles of some of the other presenters. (No complaints in either direction, to be clear... the variety is nice, though).

Convention Participant

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Sally was well organized and covered a lot of content in the time allotted. She was very clear and logical - you can tell she does a fair amount of teaching! I liked the sound clips, the whiteboard diagrams, and the presentation in shop space. This was my favorite lecture, and most valuable to me in terms of aligning with my own work.

Convention Participant

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I liked her "home made" tools that she adapted to the jobs she needed to do.

Convention Participant

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