PTM 2021 September Convention

Chris Brown

Hammer Hanging

Custom bore and hang hammers with a little help from Grandwork Tools.

What's in the episode ?

2-tiered boring, one distance for bass hammers and another for treble hammers, unnecessarily complicates and compromises grand regulating. Since the cooling of cast-iron plates traditionally warps them, string heights in the finished pianos often bow upward in the middle, creating discrepancies that can have problematic regulating consequences. With an accurate bench setup, bedding as in the piano, and strike provided by a Regulating Rack, custom-bored hammers can be hung vertically at strike, maximizing power, repetition, and clarity of tone. Live talk-through over silent video. 


Chris Brown

Chris Brown is a Registered Piano Technician and proprietor at Grandwork Tools. He started his career as a piano technician in 1977. He is one of the leading piano technicians who have mastered a number of skills: concert tuning, rebuilding, and teaching, etc. He is also a college technician, private customer piano-care provider as well as a designer, engineer and

A stellar reputation in the piano industry.

“McNulty is the top quality maker in the fortepiano field. Clients include Glyndebourne Festival, Royal Academy of Music in London, Royal College of Music in London, Kristian Bezuidenhout and Alexander Skeaping, also best performers and institutions internationally.”

Peter R.

“I had fortepiano by Paul McNulty many years and I am very much happy with it and everyone else is. I recommended McNulty instrument to the Amsterdam Conservatory and people there were also very happy with the instrument. My fortepiano is especially wanted by many and I had rented it out many times. I think it is one of the best fortepiano copies in the world.”

Stanley Hoogland - professor of fortepiano in Amsterdam and Den Haag conservatories


Feedback from this lecture's participants. 


"I felt I had a history lesson on the piano & it's formation. I now know who to contact if I ever run into one of these, so far in over 50+ years in the piano business I haven't but you never know. "

Convention Participant

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"This was my 2nd online convention I found both to be EXCELLENT learning experiences. I am 50+ years in the business so I am definetly not a newbie, just open to new & different ideas & ways of performing certain tasks in piano work. I also had my knowledge base expanded about the differing types of wool used in making felt & the different types of buckskin/sheepskin/leather used in modern & historic piano making."

Convention Participant

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"There were many things that I can use to make my service better and the knowledge of procedures that I already employ in my work that others have been doing too"


Convention Participant

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