PTM 2021 

4 Hour Lecture On

Grand Piano Construction

w/ Michael Spreeman & Joachim Leonardy

Sat 25th September 2021, 8 AM Pacific TIme

How design and construction determine the sound, playability, and aesthetics of grand pianos.

What You Will Learn: 

1.  How design elements, materials, and construction techniques affect the look, sound, playability, stability, and longevity of the instruments.


2. Look at what can go wrong in the design and construction and what, if anything, can you do in the field to abate certain issues.


Live from Michael Spreeman's Workshop

Join us 25th September 2021, 8 am Pacific Time


(On the left: picture of Michael Spreeman)



Course Details:


How design and construction determine the sound, playability, and aesthetics of grand pianos.


"A USA based company dedicated to the creation of the very finest custom handcrafted, limited-edition pianos.”


An overview lecture and discussion of how grand pianos are constructed will be presented. We will touch on how some design elements, materials, and construction techniques effect the look, sound, playability, stability, and longevity of the instruments. We’ll look at what can go wrong in the design and construction and what, if anything, can you do in the field to abate certain issues.


Michael Spreeman

Michael is the creator and co-founder of Ravenscroft Pianos and in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Beginning his successful career as a high-end piano technician and rebuilder in 1976, Michael has worked 45 years as a concert technician, rebuilder, and service technician. He has served as a Technical Consultant for Renner, Fazioli, Yamaha, Steinway, and Baldwin.


Throughout his career Michael was Head Steinway Technician in San Francisco, National Technical Consultant for Yamaha USA, Head Technician for Arizona State University, and has been the House Concert Technician for several recording studios, performance halls, and symphony orchestras. Having a passion to continually improve his skills, he has had the opportunity to receive specialized Concert Tech Training in Sacile Italy with Fazioli as well as Concert & Artist and Disklavier training with Yamaha.


Michael is a long-standing member of the Piano Technicians Guild and was awarded the German Klavierbauer Certification in 2006 by the Bundt Deutscher Klavierbauer (BDK) organization. In addition to building the Ravenscroft Pianos, he is an international instructor and an instructor for the USA based Renner Academy.


Joachim Leonardy 

Joachim is a member in good standing with the German Bund Deutscher Klavierbauer organization (BDK) and holds the prestigious Klavierbau Meisterbetrieb Title. Since his college days at the Music Conservatory of the Saarland in Saarbrucken, Germany, his focus has been on grand pianos. Working for the well-respected Piano Fischer Company in Schnorndorf, Germany for eight years, he participated in all aspects of the piano business.


To further his knowledge of the instrument, he later worked at the Seiler company in Kitzingen, Germany where he was in charge of managing several major aspects of the company, including the overseeing of concert preparation, production, and manufacturing. This position eventually led to involvement with the advanced development and design of new instruments.


Today Joachim manages a private practice where he offers various levels of service work as well as consulting to manufacturers and individuals. In 2008 he began working as the Manager for the JAHN Pianoteile company in Grub am Forst, Germany, and most recently became a member of Ravenscroft Piano's design team.


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A Stellar Reputation in the Piano Industry

"What a joy it is to play the Ravenscroft piano! Michael Spreeman has enabled us to create a large dynamic range and an exquisite variety of tone colors. The dream of all pianists! And so much fun! Thank you for using your talent in such a great way!

Client Review

Donna Marie Hatley, Concert Pianists, Julliard Graduate. 

"He is always in a position to explain the physical laws of the piano regulation to the smallest detail so that the piano builder can consciously apply them at his will.“ „There is no question that Mr Leonardy cannot answer. That is why we call him „das Lexikon“("The Lexicon“)

Participant's Review

Joachim's Pupils from his other classes. 

Great technicians count on Piano Technicians Masterclasses... 

"These sessions are well worth reserving time for no matter your skill level, knowledge, experience. If you don't learn something you are not paying attention."

PTM Participant

"I was very pleased with the video and audio quality of the presentation. It was so much more convenient than having to get airline tickets and a hotel in order to travel somewhere for the same type of experience. If this platform can properly transmit a voicing course with sufficient quality (which it did), then I think it has great potential for all aspects of piano technology."

Jordan Porter, Fine Tuning Co. Boise, ID

"...Far better than having to travel and lose a weeks worth of work and sit in a cold hotel room for 2 hours." 

Ron Moore

Moore's Piano Service

Fort Wayne, IN

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