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Grandwork offers piano technicians innovative tools, procedures, and training for grand regulation. With the Grandwork System, regulating on a bench produces work that fits in the piano. The Squaring Platform, Shank Traveler, and Hammer Square assure hammers that are vertical and traveling vertically as they strike their strings. Fitting strings to these hammers levels strings and mates hammers in one operation. This approach pre-voices the piano. Consistency, repetition, and power are maximized, time tweaking on the piano minimized. Up your game from keyframe bedding to aftertouch. Custom bore hammers and hang them with confidence. Weigh off with a consistent balance weight or consistent downweight, both with consistent upweight, friction, and inertia. The protocols guide. The tools are implemented. And training is available as needed.


Freddie Ravel is the internationally acclaimed “Keynote Maestro” who blends his expertise for business breakthroughs and the power of music to unlock the minds, hearts and potential of audiences around the world.

RCT empowers professional Piano Technicians to do the highest quality tuning in the shortest amount of time.

Resonating with sights, sounds, opportunities and discovery, The Sigal provides a total musical immersion experience designed to delight and inspire music lovers of all ages. Our visitors include music aficionados, students, musicians, scholars and tourists from across the country and around the world.

Reyburn Pianoworks creates precision retrofit keyboards, action stacks and keyframes for grand pianos. We build and rebuild everything which goes into a grand piano action compartment. Servicing the piano rebuilding trade.

Randi Potter is a world renowned piano technician and the founder of the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology. For over 30 years, Randi has offered quality instruction through her complete correspondence home-study course for beginning and intermediate students in piano tuning, repairing, regulating, voicing, apprentice training and business practices.

Bentside Arts was founded in April, 2013 as a business dedicated to providing the highest quality service.

Ken Eschete trained at Steinway Hall in Manhattan and at the famed North Bennett Street School in Boston. Following his training, he was employed by Steinway in New Orleans, doing concert tuning and working for private individuals.

Ravenscroft Pianos is dedicated to the creation of the finest handcrafted grand pianos available.

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