PTM 2020 Convention

Steve Brady

Dampers from the Ground Up

Essential information about replacing damper felts and installing and regulating dampers.

What's in the episode ?

In this class, I focus primarily on grand dampers, but I do touch on upright damper replacement and regulation as well as earlier grand damper systems. For anyone confused about the wire bends in grand dampers, I’ll discuss their purposes and adjustments in some detail, and demonstrate how to align and space the dampers and troubleshoot dampers that aren’t doing their job well. I know damper work is mysterious to many technicians, but it’s really simpler than you might think. I’ll cover it from the ground up, step by step.


Steve Brady

Steve is an award-winning Piano technician and respected PTG veteran. In 2012 he was included in the PTG Hall of Fame. In 2016 he was awarded the PTG’s “Golden Hammer Award,” one of the profession’s highest honors, for his contributions to the piano industry. He is the author of Under the Lid: The Art & Craft of the Concert Piano Technician. He resides in Seattle, Washington.


A stellar reputation in the piano industry

"Stephen H. Brady, RPT, one of the most widely respected piano technicians in the United States..."

Larry Fine

The Piano Book (4th ed., p. 77)

"...He shows deep knowledge and understanding of everything from wood and metal materials, their functions and interrelationships, to the musical, acoustical, and psychological understanding necessary to bring artist and instrument together..."

Garrick Ohlsson

First and only American to win first prize in the International Frédéric Chopin Piano Competition

Feedback from this lecture participants. 

Dampers have always been tough, Glad you had someone present such a great topic. I fixed my practice upright in between the lectures!

Convention Participant

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This was one of my favorites, to be sure. I very much appreciated that Steve worked all the way up from the pedals through every aspect of the damper system. The content was excellent.

Convention Participant

Shared via Survey

I really appreciated the videos he included in his presentation. They are more work for the presentation, I'm sure, but they really do convey the ideas so much better than just pictures. I learned a lot from this lecture.

Convention Participant

Shared via Survey

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