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Learn from these Master Piano Technicians (and more)  



  • 40 years+ experience with pianos, ranging from as a recording artist, professional musician and as a piano technician/consultant. 
  • Worked in many areas, e.g piano construction companies, film producers and recording studios 
  • Experience teaching seminars in the more finer subtler aspects of tuning, voicing, regulation, diagnostics and more across the US. 
  •  Piano Technicians Guild registered technician. 



  • 40 years+ experience in the piano industry including: machine tool making, felt making, artistic photography, professional sailing and rigging, and classical piano.  
  • Creator of 'Precision Touch Design', an end product of various works of his such as 'New Touch Weight Metrology' and 'The Equation of Balance' and more, successfully upgrading hundreds of concert pianos.
  • Often asked to teach classes and seminars to piano technicians across the continent and in Europe.
  • Piano Technicians Guild registered technician, awarded the Crowl-Travis Member of Note Award in 2009 by the PTG and introduced to their hall of fame in 2019.




  • 40 years+ experience in the world of Piano technology.
  • Experience working with lead pianists such as Andre Watts and Peter Serkin.
  •  Serves as the official piano technician for the Governor's mansion in the state of Washington since 1989.
  • Published in 'Piano and Keyboard' magazine several times and has served before in their editorial committee.
  • A Longtime member of the Piano Technicians Guild, with experience serving many roles over the years such as as the president of the Pacific Northwest conference, and was awarded a spot in the PTG hall of fame in 2012. 


A collection of reviews of our services from customers: 

"This was a great class on a great platform. Far better than having to travel and lose a weeks worth of work and sit in a cold hotel room for 2 hours." 


--Ron Moore

Moore's Piano Service

Fort Wayne, IN

"This class does indeed have value for me and was well done. I look forward to the next one." 


--Wayne Knox

Wayne's Piano Service

Belton, TX

"While I already have a grounding in these areas of work, hearing another viewpoint gave me a new perspective on how to approach this subject. You should never stop learning, and this lecture substantially broadened my knowledge and understanding of piano tone control. Excellent work!"


--Julian Dendy

UK Piano Technician

Newark, Nottingham, United Kingdom

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